Welcome to the homepage of Sunnybank Taekwondo in Bolton near Manchester

Taekwondo classes in the Ainsworth area of Bolton, just in the North side of Manchester, Lancashire. 
Sunnybank Taekwondo welcomes students to attend classes from all the local areas including, Bolton, Manchester, Bury, Ainsworth, Turton, Tottington, Radcliffe, Prestwich, Whitefield, Unsworth, Summerseat, Rochdale, Brightmet, Great Lever, Littlelever, Chapeltown

The instructor teaches Traditional UKTA Taekwondo in Ainsworth every Monday starting at 18.30. This is a new class and will commence 7th May 2012 at the following address:

106 Bury Old Road

Taekwondo (TKD) is a self defence Martial Art for men, women and children. Training is structured and different every lesson. Please come to the first lesson with loose clothing and a drink, as in TKD is focused on stretching and muscle development for the powerful kicks. During classes there are patterns, destruction and sparring, students will learn all activities.

Helping students to become champion blackbelts within the ITF, the TKD lessons provide self defense in a professional manner to men, women and children. With registered and experienced blackbelts who are all enhanced CRB checked, UKTA registered and insured.

One of the things that sets traditional martial arts like TKD apart from other fighting forms is that they include a philosophy, proposing an entire way of living. Therefore, they generally will include some form of tenets or codes of conduct to assist students in becoming better people, not just better fighters. TKD has five such tenets.


Training should be conducted in an orderly manner and foster the building of character. One of the ways of showing courtesy is to bow to the instructors and other students and address the instructor respectfully. Students should arrive early, be polite and show respect and consideration for one another. A sense of fairness, justice and mutual compromise should be fostered.


Students need to be able to distinguish between what is right and wrong. They should develop their consciences and listen to them, choosing to do what is honorable. Instructors and students should act with honesty. Instructors should teach proper techniques and not be motivated to teach solely for material gain. Students should not try to move up in rank if unmerited and should not seek rank only for egotistical purposes.


Patience and hard work should be employed to reach goals. Techniques must be practiced regularly and for long hours to be perfected. Perseverance should be exercised in the overcoming of all obstacles. No matter the opposition, you should continue to work toward your goal. Inherent is the idea that the goal must take work to achieve if it is to have value.

Self Control

Exercising self-control is to be able to restrain your impulses. Self-control is especially important when sparring, as the loss of control could lead to injuries, either to you or your opponent. Outside of the school, in real-life situations, it also is necessary to be able to effectively control a dangerous situation. Even in situations that have nothing to do with self-defense, such as difficulties that might arise in the workplace, this tenet is useful.

Indomitable Spirit

You must be able to act without fear or hesitation to oppose injustice, no matter who the perpetrator is or how many there are, and show the courage to uphold your principles regardless of whether the odds are against you. This is a spirit that cannot be subdued. Inherent in this is confidence in yourself and the belief that you are working toward a worthy goal.

About Sunnybank UKTA Taekwon-Do School

Sunnybank Taekwondo, started under the instruction of Mr W Rose in the 70s who at the time was a second degree black belt, at Sunnybank Community Centre in Unsworth until the early 1990s. Mr Costello, took over this school and continued to teach until he retired from Taekwondo. Mrs Locker who started teaching Taekwondo in 1996 with Mr Locker who were both 1st degree black belts. Mrs Locker moved to Tenerife and Mr Locker continued to teach the remaining students. The classes have move to various locations in the North Manchester area in the last few years including fitness first in Whitefield and Heaton Park Social Club in Prestwich.

All our instructors hold ITF qualifications, we don't just 'do ITF style' but have passed grading exams under the World Number One Grandmaster, Rhee Ki Ha. Mr Locker qualified as an ITF International Instructor & examiner in 2008, however, we are proud to tell you that we have never graded any students to black belt. They have all passed external grading exams under the 9th Dan Grandmaster, Chair of the ITF grading committee, along with a panel of 7th & 8th Dan Masters, at open, public gradings for all to see their standards.

Sunnybank UKTA Members:

Mr D Locker - (Instructor)

Instructor Profiles

Mr D Locker 4th Degree
International Instructor
Began training in 1992
Promoted to 4th Dan by First Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha, March 2008


How do I know if Taekwon-Do is the right Martial Art for me?

You don’t know until you try, we offer a trial lesson with no obligation.

What will my first few lessons be like?

Starting a martial art can feel like a big step. Our instructors have a range of styles and experience to bring out the best in you. Feel free to come and see what classes involve or better still, join in straight away. Children must be accompanied by parents on their first visit.

Classes begin with a warm up to prevent injury, then as a beginner, for the first lesson, you will normally be one-to-one with a designated instructor, learning co-ordination exercises and sequences to develop muscle memory and aim to get the body and the mind working as one. You will then integrate into the class and work with other students in pairs or small groups

How often should I train?

It is recommended that you train at least twice a week, however, some people can only manage once a week which is OK but you need to realise that your progress will be slower unless you put in a lot of practice at home. We hold only one mixed lesson per week. As a member of the UKTA there are also other sessions around the North West where you can attend extra sessions.

What are the risks?

Any sport or Martial Art has some risks, but our instructors are highly experienced and so Taekwon-do is a low risk activity, if in doubt, come and see for yourself. Instructors are CRB checked and first aid qualified, with full professional indemnity and public liability insurance through the BTC.

How often can I grade and how long will it take to become a Black Belt?

There is grading every 3 months conducted by a 7th or 8th Dan Master for those who are ready, any students needing to grade between these times will be graded by our International level examiner. No-one can tell you exactly how long it will take you to reach Black Belt as everyone is different. With us you earn your Black Belt with skills & abilities. If an instructor guarantees you will get a black belt in a certain time then you might as well just go and buy one from a martial arts shop and train under that instructor.

What age can my child start?

Children aged 6 and over can join. Sometimes parents ask if younger children can join and we occasionally let 5 year olds join, however, these children usually have parents who are also members and can help them practice at home. 5 year olds may be considered on an individual basis. Research has shown that younger children are much more likely to give up after a short period of time as they do not have the right physique, co-ordination or concentration span. If you want your child to achieve black belt and continue with their Taekwon-Do into adulthood, it is important that they do not start too young. Read article Too much too young?

Can my child and I train together?

Yes, parents can train with their child at the classes. Dependant on the number of children / adults in the one lesson will depend on self defense being taught.

What is the UKTA?

The UKTA is the original Taekwon-Do Association in the UK, founded in 1967 by Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha, when he brought Taekwon-Do from the Korean Military. Splinter groups broke away from the UKTA over the years and formed their own associations within the ITF. There are also 'copy-cat' groups who are not in the ITF and never have been, they often claim to teach ITF Taekwon-do but have no ITF qualifications or training. The UKTA is overseen by a Masters Council consisting of 7th & 8th Dan ITF Masters, some of whom have been training since the 1960’s and, of course, First Grandmaster Rhee, founder of European Taekwon-Do. UKTA standards can't be surpassed.

I’m in my 40s and unfit, am I too old to start?

No. Many people have achieved black belt in their 50s and beyond, and if you are interested in competition there are veteran categories. Beginners aren’t expected to have a high level of fitness, this builds up in time. Your instructor will help you build your fitness and abilities.

Is TKD a competitive sport?

Yes, we are a martial art first & foremost, so teach practical applications of self-defence. We also provide competition opportunities. ITF competitions allow you to compete with various skill aspects, not just sparring.

I want to do Taekwon-Do, why should I join your school in particular?

Manchester Taekwondo is one of two schools in the in the Manchetser area which is part of the UKTA, and one of only two in North Manchester in the ITF, but we have instructors who have trained under the Founder and all our instructors still train under First Grandmaster Rhee. Our senior instructor has been training continually since 1992. There are not many students that come to train meaning that the instructor can give more support and one to one tuition than any other martial arts in the area.

Will you accept my grade from a different Taekwon-Do Association?

We will if possible, however, not all groups meet ITF standards, so each person is judged individually. However, we don’t want you to have to pay to grade again so your grade will be recognised once you meet standards. If you have been a black belt or instructor with another association we will work with you one-to-one in confidence.

When can I start?

New classes are starting 7th May and all members will be new, so what better time to start with other new menbers?  New students are welcome at any time.  Please either go to our major larger site below (link below) or call 07413377230

What prices do I pay per lesson?

Prices per lesson per person £4

Discounts for Families?

Family Discounts are brothers / sisters or parents / children and must be living at the same address to qualify
£7.50 per family of 2 - £3.50 per person
£9 per family of 3 - £3.00 per person
£10 per family of 4 - £2.50 per person

If you have a very large family and all living at the same address for example 2 parents and 4 children, it would be £2.50 for each class per person

Pay monthly - is it actually cheaper!

**Pay monthly and get further discounts**

£5 per month per Black Belt
£15 per month per person
£25 per month for family of 2 (£12.50 each)
£30 per month for family of 3 (only £10 each)

Any interest, please click the contact us page and leave a message and the instructor will return your message giving any information you may require


You will need a training suit, and these are £30 for kids and £35 for adults. These do last for years and are discounted for families living at the same address

Discounted suits for families

Family of 2 kids £25 each
Family of 3 kids £20 each
Family of 2 adults £30 each
Family of 3 adults £25 each

Pay monthly - is it actually cheaper!


You must have a license and must pay this yearly. This allows you to practice Taekwondo and without this you will not be insured! The instructor will partner you with others and you may destruct boards and spar. You will NOT be able to do any of these activities if you do not have a license. They are £25 and renewed yearly.

Dicounted Licenses for families

Family of 2 £20 each
Family of 3 or more £18 each


Grading range from £12 to £20 (belt included) even if this is carried out by First Grand Master Rhee!

Unlike some other groups, we haven't invented extra 'half way' grades for children, causing parents to pay out more. We stick with the original 10 grades from white belt to black, and the original black belt dan grades.

....and that's it, NO HIDDEN EXTRAS!

Additional costs?

You can buy books for £19, kick pads, sparring gear but these are not required. Other items can be bought for birthday or christmas presents should there be a student that is keen.